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Everyone’s talking and they’re using social media to do it. With billions (yes that’s right, billions, just under 3 billion to be exact) of social media accounts online, millions of international brands have recognised the unparalleleled value of having a social media presence. Chances are you have your own social media that you use to keep in touch with friends and family so you might be wondering why you need our help. Working with social media marketing specialists is crucial to get insights into the world of digital marketing that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

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We’ve been in the market when Facebook was still a platform that the world was coming to grips with – seeing the evolution of social media gives us a unique advantage since we know how attitudes have changed towards various different online platforms and so we know how to take advantage of this. With our expertise, we will create a unique and strong online brand for you and pair that will specifically targeted marketing campaigns to increase your audience reach and grow your business.


Whether you're looking for a Facebook page designer or someone to create, manage and boost your Facebook posts, we're the people for the job.

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Increase your audience reach and be heard from amongst the masses with professional and expert Instagram optimisation, post management and marketing tactics.

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Short, snappy and simple. Twitter is an excellent way to engage with an audience and get your message out. Leave it to the Twitter experts to design and boost your tweets.

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LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for anyone that runs anything. Be presentable wherever you are - even online.

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facebook optimisation

If you’re wondering why you need a company to post on Facebook for you when you do it yourself all the time, let us give you a bit more information on the difference between solo Facebook posting and trusting an expert and experienced online marketing company.

A good social media optimization company will be able to do several things. Firstly, we’ll be able to produce high quality graphical content that is both engaging and fits the aesthetic of your brand, which, without a graphics designer, can be quite difficult. Additionally, since we’re well versed on the ins and outs of Facebook advertising campaigns which involves selecting an audience, optimising the reach of a post, selecting appropriate time frames, picking the best hashtags (which aren’t always the busiest ones) and maximising campaign demographics, we’ll be able to achieve high rates of audience reach and engagement. Also, multimedia posts are important to stop your page from becoming monotonous so we can also produce short videos that are optimised to be posted on social media rather than just sticking to stock pictures that are entirely unrelatable to your clients.

Facebook is extremely important and valuable for marketing, and you only have to look at what sort of brands are using it to advertise (it should come as no surprise that the answer to that is all major brands and companies). And please remember – if you’re not convinced because you don’t use Facebook yourself, it doesn’t mean other people don’t use it either.

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instagram optimisation

Instagram is the newest kid on the block and its been moving mountains over the past few years. The engaging grid layout and endless scroll feature has seen the platform grow into one of the largest social media networks in the world with millions of people logging in on a daily basis. If you thought advertising on TV was useful, which might be seen by a few thousand people at most, what do you think of those figures that we’ve just quoted for Instagram?

We’re always very open here at Desynz so if you choose to trust us with your social media marketing, we will always send you monthly social media reports which detail your following count, the posts we’ve made and how many people have been visiting your page. Some companies can make you feel quite lost and take advantage of jargon to complicate things – at Desynz, we’ll never do that and we’re always happy to have a chat over the phone or meet you in person to answer any questions you have about social media.

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twitter optimisation

Twitter is an exceptionally powerful tool that, when used correctly, has the potential to reach extremely large audiences. An important and key concept in the world of social media is building your community. All products and services serve particular purposes for specific target markets. Social media can be used in order to build a community of such people, subsequently increasing traffic to your website and drumming up interest in your product.

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linkedin optimisation

You may be wondering why it’s worth having a LinkedIn page considering LinkedIn is a social media platform for businesspeople, executives and employers. At Desynz, we like to completely squeeze the juice out of the lemon so to speak – there are still hundreds of thousands of potential customers who might see your product on LinkedIn so it’s important to have a fully completed, attractive and informative LinkedIn page.

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