Pay Per Click Services (PPC)

Click, Click, Customers

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a very simple, inexpensive yet effective method of online marketing which involves advertising on search engines, blogs, content websites and other networks. With this tool, an advertiser online pays when someone clicks on their advert. When doing PPC on search engines, adverts will feature at the top of the results page of a search engine as text under the ‘sponsored links’ section. Targeting the right market is essential for executing a flawless PPC campaign – when handled by an inexperienced individual, your PPC campaign could end up being extremely expensive without actually having gained the attention of any relevant customers.

Precision for Pay-Per-Click

Launching a PPC campaign without defining a target market truly is like trying to hit the bulls-eye in the dark. Other factors are also important such as selecting the location of your intended website traffic (called geo-targeting) and optimising adverts for the most popular browsing times as well. There are two things we love about PPC – firstly, it works very well when paired with SEO as it helps strengthen the keyword strategy. Secondly, PPC is always a great marketing tactic for newer websites as results can be delivered a lot quicker than SEO results.